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I'm an adult?


I came across something interesting re reading my quarter-life crisis book.

When did you realize you were an adult?


So I took the time to think about it. And I can’t really say when I did….

Maybe it was when I started making life decisions with out the council of my parents.


I moved out of my moms house for the second and last time in June of 2012 and it was really hard for me because I spent a lot more time alone which made me really sad. Anyway, I’ve always been a wuss when it comes to taking care of weird bugs in my living space and usually turn to mother for help (I once hid in my room till my mom got home when a praying mantis got into the house!). Well one day I was alone in my apartment and there was a bee or wasp or whatever and after a moment of hesitation/fear I collected it in a cup and took it outside. For some reason I remember that being my defining now-I’m-an-adult moment!

Hi again.


I wanted to take a second to say thank you to all of you who watched the first Season of Broad City. What a motherfucking whirlwind! I’m like breathing in deep right now. You guys shared the shit outta this show. Thank you for checking it out and spreading the word. What a pleasure it’s been to…

We ❤️ you all in PDX 😘


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It’s been a decade since Mean Girls was released. After 10 years, the cult classic film is more relevant than ever. Check out the full list here.

10th Anniversary of Mean Girls on Wednesday, April 30th. I’ll be wearing pink.

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In case you were wondering how to act out the Palatine Uvula, Comedy Central’s Broad City shows you how.

broad fucking city



Music picks from Broad City season one


This is very dope.

WEEZY! going to rematch the entire season, again. 

broad city 

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Spring 2014

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