pleasure palace.

Meg Aul
24 years old
Portland, Oregon

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I like: tea. books. history. perfume. knick-knacks. dresses. dress pants. parks and recreation. photography. photographs. cameras. cozy beds. kittens. heaters. socks. tights. shoes. red nail polish. rings. the internet. david duchovny. rain. pressed flowers. owls. amy sedaris. clean laundry. amy poehler. garages. dramas based on contemporary literature writing. swimming in lakes. rollerblading. x files. crafts. bubble baths. lazy sundays. pie. games. tattoos. funny men. tina fey. wrapped presents. 20th century period films. jars. coins. mementos. lipstick. long nails. sauvie island. holidays. candles. bargain shopping. going home. reading. cult comedies. my boo

#rosecity #portland #rose (Taken with instagram)

#rosecity #portland #rose (Taken with instagram)

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